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BPM - Post to Workspace

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I've just set up an automated task in several of our Business Processes to post onto Workspaces when raising and resolving tickets. This is very handy but one additional thing needed would be a link to said ticket at present you only get the option to include Ref id, update timeline and manually input some text.

Adding a hyperlink of some sort to the post would make it easier for users to quickly view said ticket.

On the post itself you do have a "More Actions" menu which contains (View post, add bookmark, add activity and raise request) maybe add "view ticket"

Or have it like how linked requests appear in request timelines with an icon and a link

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HI James

In the latest 2.29 release of Service Manager there is a new feature which will allow you to add comments to a post in a workspace from the Business Process Tool, in addition if you have opted to include the the Ref ID in the original Post to workspace, this will now appear as a clickable hyperlink back to the request - I hope this is what you were looking for?  

In the example below I use the Post to Public workspace in the BP for the major Incident, and this includes the hyper link back to the incident.  I also included the new 'Comment on existing post' node which was added in 2.29 which I included in the BP after the request was resolved, and this automatically updated the original post with the comment to let the workspace members know the issue was resolved. 


If you look under Collaboration node options you will see the configuration options. 

Major Incident.png

Finally if you have the Post to workspace option enabled, you may need to simply re-select the include ref id parameter and save you BP again in order for the hyperlink to work for you.



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Sorry to revive this thread, but instead of creating a new one I will reuse this one (the title is exactly what I was looking for).

I tried implementing the "Post to Workspace" method but I am hitting an error message...


Here is my BPM


and my workspace settings:



Am I missing something?

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