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Reporting - Permission Role

Martyn Houghton

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Reporting is currently accessed via the Admin Tool under Service Manager. I have a number end users who need the ability to create and run reports, but I do no wish them to have access to the rest of the admin tool.

There does not seem to be a standard role for giving access to Reporting only.

Can you advise on what permissions would be required to give access to only the reporting element?



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Hi Martyn

Our Platform team are going to add a default Reporting User role to the system, once this ha been added i will post the rights so you can add your own role as a platform build can take a few days / weeks to make its way through testing before being released.

Kind Regards

Trevor Killick

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@Smurfy There are a number of reasons that a Report might not return results; it could be down to configuration, the size of the report, the type of output you are creating, where you are running the report from, where you are looking for the results, whether the report is scheduled etc.

Could you give some details as to what steps you're taking to view the report and what the Report Configuration is (assuming there is no sensitive information there) please?

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Thanks Steve.

I can see results on my admin account from the same report, however, I think I may not set up my test user up correctly as I cant actually see any tickets in the requests lists either. I'll come back to you when I've reconfigured my test user.

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Ok so sorted my test user so now I see tickets in the request list.
I have given my test user in-app reporting (seems I need that for the "reports" section to appear on the left hand panel) I have also given it reporting user.
The reports we have are the ones out of the box. I've picked various ones but none of them work with my test user but do with my admin user. So when I select one, lets say open calls by source, I get the greyish box appear with and arrow (just like if I do with my admin user) but when I hit the arrow to run it its says in the middle "no data to display" and the bottom says "no data available."

  1. My test user is a manually created user so I access it via the direct log in.
  2. It didn't before but it does now have our organisation name as the home organisation like all other accounts.
  3. I have also made it a member of the Service desk team (in case I needed to be a team member)

Before when I couldn't even get the tickets to show in the request list 2 and 3 above were not done. 

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