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Colour coding


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Hi G,

From my understanding, the record has colours:

Yellow - request updated by someone other than the logged in analyst

Grey - request is on hold

Red - request is not assigned to a team, usually only available to the admin

As for the request service levels, SL column in the request list uses

Black - not available

Green - met

Blue - ongoing

Red - breached and still ongoing

Yellow - breached but has been marked


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So the Yellow highlighted requests in the request list possibly fits your first requirement. This show that an update has been made to a request, but it has not been seen by the owner. From an owner's perspective you can look at a list of your request that you own, and any highlighted in yellow will be requests that someone else has updated but you haven't read yet.

This also helps from a management perspective as you can view a list of requests that belong to one of your staff and at a glance see which ones that have not been viewed by the owner since the last update.

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I would like to expand on this and ask for much for configuration on how the items are displayed on page, these dashboard items for me a visual indicators and even though the key is to show accurate info I think the visual appeal is important added value.

Things like being able to edit font size style and colour on widgets reason being the font is so small on graph based widgets even on a 42" screen you cant see it clearly



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Sorry to drag up an old post.

Should requests with the status 'Resolved' change colour at all? They don't seem to be in my instance. This would be useful for differentiating between active and resolved calls when viewing the request lists.

I understand views can be setup to filter these out, but for those that haven't set custom views up it can be a little confusing.

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