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Not removing from boards after closure


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When a ticket goes to the SLA breach board and then is closed it remains on the section of the board it lastly it was moved to.

Is there something I am missing in the workflow to remove on closure?


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Thanks for your post.

When configuring your BPM workflow there is a "Remove from Board" option. Your workflow will need to include a check for the status and once it reaches a closed state you need to include the automated task for removing it from the board.

Hope this helps.


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Hi Gwynne

There is a BPM operation you can use in your business process on closure to remove the request from the Board

Wiki: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Business_Process_Workflow

As the Boards are non perspective, and we don't know how customers will use them, there is no default logic to remove a ticket automatically from a breach board on closure, but if you include a node after the closure stage in your process this should give you the result you are after.



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I appreciate this is a bit of a bump, but I have a slight issue with this:
Firstly, what happens if you remove a request from a board it's no longer on - it may have been manually deleted, for example.
Secondly, the screenshot shows my logic for choosing a board in one instance: do I really have to recreate that logic in order to find out which board the call is already attached to so that I can remove it?

If so, would it be possible to have a Remove From All Boards node that has an exception box where you can add in one or more boards to ignore?

(As I type I realise part of that logic is for lists within boards, but it's still awkward to recreate.) 

Screenshot 2016-11-21 12.36.40.png

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Hi @DeadMeatGF

If you have a node to remove a request from a board and that request does not exist on that board it will just continue without issue.  So you will not need any logic to check if the request is on the board.

We can look into options for providing a way to remove a request from all boards.



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