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Errors when running LDAP and Asset import tools

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We have had major issues with the synchronisation of Service Manager & AD(LDAP) using and modifying the scripts provided by SM.

1) We configured the AD\LDAP script ok, but when we run it, we get the error message attached (see LDAP error) an I have also attached the configured script (conf.json).

2) We use AssetStudios to manage our assets, and apart from the original data(asset) we imported, we have been unable to update any info within Service Manager. (see script : conf_sccm_asetscomputer.json). When we run this script to update our current assets, runs without any errors, but does not make any changes to the data within ServiceManager,.

Can you please help, or advise.




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Guest Chaz

Hi Tony,

I've let the relevant teams know that you've posted and we'll hopefully be able to get you some help soon!

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We have logged a call for this is support on Monday. The reference is IN00141066. We have also sent you an email on Monday and today regarding this, not sure if it reached you (we have also tried to call you):

From the screenshot you sent us it appears that LDAP import fails when attempting to connect to HBCAD14 with invalid credentials. Unfortunately we can't check the connection from our end, we were wondering if you can check this from your environment?

For example you can use an LDAP browser, we usually use Softerra one which is a free tool (link below) to check credentials and connection, then set it up in Hornbill.


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