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Retain custom fields on linked request


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Hi Gywnne

Thanks for the post.

We do have a few planned developments around increasing the options for promoting linked assets, or connections etc from one request to another when raising a linked request. However the custom fields is a slightly different consideration. I will try to explain why.

In Service Manager you can define different custom fields per request type per service. Which means you could use custom_a on an Incident form against Service A, to hold information which does not relate to the same custom_A field on the Incident form for Service B. Or in fact if raising a linked Change from an Incident, the Change could use Custom_a field for a change specific question, and inserting the data from custom_a from the Incident form may not make sense to the question on the Change form. Does that make sense?

Secondly, if you are creating a linked request you could feasibly promote the content blindly to the newly created request, however if you subsequently linked other requests to the new request, what would you do with the custom field data from other linked requests? as on linking more than one could overwrite the content of custom_a from the first linked request, again does this make sense?

Could I ask for a little more info on the challenge you have, and how promoting the custom field data would potentially solve this for you, so we can see if there are other approaches which can be considered?



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We would support this change as quite often, our customers use the portal to log their request.  Quite often, they select the wrong service so we have to create a new "Linked Request" which is identical to the original but under the correct service.  On this 2nd request, this may still come back to 1st line to advise that although a certain issue was reported, the problem is with a component so another linked request needs to be raised.  Having the contents copied over on a linked request for the above scenarios will avoid my team from constantly flicking between 2 screens, to copy/paste the information.

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