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Call assignment prevention Rule


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Can you please let me know if there is currently a mechanism to prevent specific Users to get calls assigned to them directly ? We have many of our managers using Hornbill to exclusively monitor their team progress who would not manage calls themselves. We are aware of Users' Status (ie. Do Not Disturb) which maybe could be utilized for this, providing that both the user and the Administrator have access to amend this.

Alternatively, we would be grateful if our Users were able to create some Notifier rules (so if your role doesn't require you to be logged on into Hornbill everyday, you could set up rules to notify you by pop-ups or emails when calls are assigned to you or been recently updates by someone else than you) on an individual basis.

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Thank you for your post.

At the moment, most of the visibility and ability to work with requests is based on team membership. As a member of a team, you are then available for assignment.

With a Service based approach in mind, we are soon to add the option to assign Service Owners to a service. Initially this will provide improved separation between services supported in different areas of the business, however we will then be able to extend this so that Service Owners (or possibly managers) that have been associated to a Service will have this visibility that you are looking for without having to be a member of a team.

You have also mentioned the User's status. I can see this as a very useful feature where any member of a team can set their user status to an option that would hide them from the assignment list. I'll have a look to see what we have planned in this area.

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Dear James

Thank you for your reply.

Can I just add that a feature to hide a user from an assignment list (depending of the status) wouldn't work for us as we would still be required to assigned calls logged in advance (ie. new starter requiring a new phone though start date not due for another month) to someone absent or busy at the point of logging.

As a work around (and I wont presume this would be suitable for other or do-able by your team) it would be useful to instead see analyst status in the assignment list (in different color code) as we have the choose to still assign.

Alternatively, if my memory isn't failing me, SupportWorks used to give you a pop up message advising of the engineer not actively monitoring his calls and giving the option to press ok if we wanted to still assign.

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The displaying of the users on-line status and availability is a good idea and I believe this has been requested elsewhere. You will see in some places within the collaboration, such as workspace members that we show a green dot to indicate their on-line status. We also have auto-assign rules for the BPM that use the availability settings to determine who is available for auto-assigning. So we are not far from being able to provide this. I will feed back once we have established some plans for implementing this.

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