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Custom visibility for customers and users for request timeline posts

Guest gregmarcroftorc

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Guest gregmarcroftorc


I was wondering if there are any alternative options on the screen that our colleagues see with so much in depth information once they log a self service ticket.

This is the screen that is currently shown, but this mirrors what our analysts can see and would be quite confusing and unnecessary for our colleagues who are logging a request to see.


Is there any way to remove specific things from the timeline etc?



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Guest Chaz

Hi Greg,

you can change the visibility of each post using the options under 'More Actions':


You can also choose what the visibility is for each post as an action is performed:


Hope that helps!

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Hi Greg,

Thanks for your post. As mentioned above you can control some of the items that are visible to a customer in the timeline so that information that you feel isn't necessary for the customer can be hidden.

You may also be referring to the overall layout of the entire request. On the portals I can see that a more simplistic layout could be beneficial to customers. We have had a lot of focus on the portals in recent months and this is an area that we will continue to look at.

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Guest gregmarcroftorc

Hi both,

Thanks for your responses, that is useful to know.

What I am talking about more specifically though is every request logged by one of our own internal staff on the self service portal. I tried the restrictions "cchana" suggested but this seems to only restrict things on an individual query level, and I want to be able to do it for all queries when logged by a staff member on self service.

To summarise how our business works in terms of using Hornbill:

We have 4 primary analysts who will be using Service manager to deal with requests. We will be logging tickets from incoming emails from both internal staff, and external customers.

Our internal staff will also be logging their own self service tickets which will come through to us 4 analysts. This is what I am talking about more specifically because we don't want our other staff members who are not analysts to see the similar screen as we do when logging their own self service ticket which is the screen shot I included in my first post.

This may be under discussion from what you've said there James.


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Hi Greg

Thanks for the clarification.

There are a couple of things here.

1. The Head's Up Display (HUD) at the top of the view (in your screenshot), it is entirely up to you if the customer see's the HUD at all, or if you want them to see the stage names but not the checkpoints for each stage, you can configure this via the Services configuration, details on our wiki here: https://wiki.hornbil...ex.php/Services if you look under Request Configuration and Head's Up Display

2. The timeline for the request. Currently all customer facing updates which are written to the timeline which is again what we see in the screenshot you have provided. Chaz was referring to the ability to manually change the updates from being customer facing to being private to your team (4 analysts).

You can change the default visibility of such updates in the admin, so they won't show.

In the admin tool > Service Manager > Application Settings > Page 5 ( in the new admin tool)

You can change the default visibility of the different type of updates, I have shown three examples below but there are several more.

If you change these from Customer to Team this will hide the corresponding (email, update etc) created by the Business Process from being visible to the customer on the portal when they raise a request, those updates will still be visible to your support team.


Default visibility value for use when an operation creates a timeline entry


Default visibility value when assigning a request


Default visibility value when emailing from a request

Please bear in mind these are global settings to regardless of how the request is logged, if you change the above default visibility from Customer to Team, you will have to remember to change the visibility of any updates you do want the customers to see on the portal when you are manually adding them as Chaz described above.

We are also exploring adding some more granular controls per business process so you can control the default visibility for requests raised against different business processes but this is not available yet.

I hope this helps and do let us know if we have misunderstood the requirement?



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