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Request Cleaner - Historic Updates Attachments

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We are using the Request Cleaner tool to clear down requests created/loaded as part of our testing.

Having previously loaded historic updates from Support Works, including attachments, I have run the tool this morning to clear down all requests.

Checking my disk usage on the instance via the admin tool the space taken up by loading of the Historic Update Attachments does not appear to have been released.

Is there a time delay between cleaning down the requests and the linked attachments being removed?



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Hi Martyn,

just to wrap this post up for the benefit of other forum users, the Hornbill Cleaner relies on the relationships between the request-related items (Members, Connections, Questions and so on) being accurately defined in the "Requests Entity" in order for everything to be deleted correctly.

Prior to Service Manager 2.25.x, there were omissions from the Requests Entity regarding the tables where historic updates and attachment references were held so the cleaner would leave records in these tables behind (as well as the actual attachment files).

The entity definition corrections were shipped with Service Manager 2.25.x and now when the cleaner is run these tables will also be addressed as part of the clear down.

In terms of the orphaned contents of these historic tables, as you know I addressed those directly in the database for you.This issue with the cleaner will not reoccur from SM2.25.x onwards.



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