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Customer Portal Reference Column Truncating value

Martyn Houghton

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When viewing requests in the Customer Portal. the request reference value is truncated, when you have a prefix longer than two characters.

We are using a five character prefix in order to identify our references as specific to our system, as we predominately provide services to external customers, whom use systems of their own with the default IN, SR etc. The format we are using is IDX for Idox and then the standard prefix of IN, SR. i.e. incident reference IDXIN00001024.

At the moment the portal will strip the last two numbers off, as it seems to be hard coded to 10 character limit on the display column.



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@Martyn Houghton sadly, the number of columns will dictate how big each field is going to be. Even if we were to make it big enough for this case, it wouldn't be big enough for everyone or obscure other content. We're looking to replace this list with another type in the near future which will hopefully help. I will let the dev team know that this has come again in case there is a quick fix we can apply.

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Hi @cchana

We are also running into some problems regarding truncation of records on the customer portal.
The red boxes in this image show all truncated records:


The Service and Status ones are only missing one character. The other ones are not essential.

Is there a way to hide certain columns to guarantee that others will be displayed properly?



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@Martyn Houghton aiming for Monday morning :)

@Alex8000 I'll confirm and reply if I'm wrong but should just be the reference field which will now be wide enough for 15 characters. I'll check with the developers to see if we can do something for the status and service columns, but the later is likely to always be a problem if you have really long service names as it would then eat into the space reserved for the summary of a request.

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