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Links within Human Tasks

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Hi Trevor

Thanks for your response but a usual I probably haven't made myself clear enough.

Markup works fine within the ticket itself if used for text in the update section etc but I cannot create a URL link in a human task in the business process that raises an activity.

I was looking a simple means to point analysts to the appropriate knowledgebase documents associated with certain activities.

Is this possible?


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Hi Paul,

Your markup is the wrong way round, it should be like this:

[[http://www.hornbill.com|Text you want to appear]]

However there is a small issue here which I'll raise with the development team.

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Hi Paul

I am so sorry i could have sworn this was supported but i check with the relevant team and its not currently, They have agreed to to add the feature under the following change request CH00140945.

I will reply when this feature has been made available.

Kind Regards

Trevor Killick

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