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Is there any way of manually setting a call priority once a call has been raised?

Calls that are raised manually have the priority set during progressive capture, however we did not want this field to be populated by the customer when raising from the service portal. However this now means that calls raised from the service portal do not have a priority.

So far all I can find is a BPM node to automatically set the priority, however we need this to be manual as not all calls will have the same priority, regardless of source.

There does not seem to be an option to update this once the call has been raised, so there is also no way for us to change the priority once a call has been raised.



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Hi Graham,

There is an action on the request view itself to set the priority. The actions on a request are configurable by service. Is it possible that the 'escalate' action is disabled for the service your requests are being logged against?




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Our analysts have the option to change the priority by using the "escalate" button in the ticket - do you see that option (we do allow staff to set a priority during the initial capture).

Update - took too long to press post :-)

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Thank you for all your help with this. I am now experimenting with automatically setting the priority but cannot see to get this to work.


I have set the Priority to our default however when raising calls it still leaves this field blank and I have to do it manually.

Any suggestions?


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Hi Graham

Thanks for the post.

It looks like your configuration is correct.

I have tested this using exactly the same configuration as shown above and this works as expected for me.

Can I ask if the Priority Node in your business process is sitting behind any other nodes which have to be completed first before the Priority is set? any Suspend wait (Owner, Category, Priority etc) for nodes spring to mind? Just thinking if this is the case and a preceding action is not complete first the process would not update the request until it reaches the Update Priority node? Not suggesting this is definitely happening here but something to possibly rule out?



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