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Custom forms - Text field


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I would like to include a block of text on a custom form which does not need an answer is this possible.

eg. Information about where the call will go next. Or information about why we are capturing certain information.

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Hi All,

there is a way to configure a field on a Progressive Capture custom form that could satisfy what you're looking to acheive.

Create a read only single/multi line text field and supply the informative text as the default value for this field. The only perceived negative with this approach is that at the moment the default value will always be passed through to the request questions section, but depending on the scenario this may not be a bad thing.

Hope that helps.



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I've done the above, it works but it's not pretty... But i do have difficulty with the Questions area in the call details...

For example on here i have 4 forms.

  1. Which Applications do you require?
  2. Application 1 Details
  3. Application 2 Details
  4. Application 3 Details

Based on the Applications you selected, you get personalised forms for them. But when viewed in the questions, it can be hard to make out.

I worked around this... not professionally by adding ------------ Application 1 ----------- to seperate it a bit. So was wondering if you do consider Kelvin's request, is the ability to add formatting based on the type of text box field it is.


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