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Site field not populated when raising a request


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When looking at an incident record or a service request record. The “site attribute” currently shows within the “details” tab. Is it possible to have this within the “customer” tab instead?

The reason being is this record isn’t being populated when users log a job through the service portal. We ideally want this record to be automatically populated instead of having to manually do it once the job has been logged.




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Your first step is to decide which "Site" you want to populate - for example, a customer has a site but so does an asset. Other items may also have their own site. Often they match, but not necessarily.

If you auto-populate with the customer's site you still need to double check that this is correct.

For example, in the image above then Jenna's site would be fine - the job is for her computer which will (probably!) be on her desk in her office at her site.

If she was reporting a problem with another asset - e.g. a colleague's computer if she's covering absence - this might be on a completely different site.

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Hi Steve

Thanks for the reply. We'd only be interested in the customer (who's logging the job) and their site. In this situation we're not interested in the asset.

Basically, all our users on Hornbill have the site value pre-populated against their record, this gets pulled through from our AD. Its just a case of getting this value pulled through when they log the incident/request from the service portal.

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