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Linking documents to tickets and portal access


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I was wondering if functionality could be introduced if not already for these possible features

. Document Manager Documents being able to be selectable in tickets to either add to notes or send to customers

. Being able to publish documents to the portal and have permissions sets for just IT and Customer basis

. Is there a KB feature for the portal for customers to access, if so easily being able to add from document library as there may be cross over documents



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Hi Gareth

Thanks for your post and your suggestions. I can give you an update on where we currently are in respect to knowledge and what you can expect to see available in Service Manager in the short term.

1. It is currently possible to create and publish knowledge to the customers on the portals, and this is possible in the format of FAQ's. FAQ content can be created specific to the different services you offer, and therefore will be available to any customers who are subscribed to the service via the Service or Customer Portals.

FAQ's can be created using the text editor, and can include images, hyperlnks and embedded video content.

More information about FAQ's can be found on our wiki: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Service_FAQs

2. We are currently developing a search facility for the landing page of the portals which will allow customers to search, and see results which will be returned based on matching:

* FAQ's

* Known Issues

* Service Catalog Items

3. Following after the search facility we will be looking to introduce dynamic knowledge in Progressive Capture for both the customers on the portal and the analyst in the user app. This will look to present relevant knowledge during the logging process, to in some cases remove the need for logging a request at all.

To answer your other question, yes we are looking at options to more tightly integrate Document Manager with Service Manager to utilise the content in the documents, however we are not quite as advanced with our plans as the above, but this is an area we will be looking to enhance and your feedback and suggestions are appreciated.

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