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Branching based on Portal or User App contect

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With the introduction of Service Catalogs we can now specify what progressive capture to use and whether it is used for Portal, User App or Both.

In terms of the progressive capture itself we want to try use a single workflow, but need to branch in the capture workflow depending on whether it is being accessed via the protal or user app. What parameter/variable accessible in the progressive capture workflow determines the context it is being run under which we can then use in the decision condition?



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@Martyn Houghton just an update to this to let you know in the next Service Manager update there will be an option in progressive capture to branch depending on if the progressive capture is being used as an agent in the user app, or as a customer on the portals.  

This will allow you to branch to different subsequent forms depending on if it is an agent or customer who is following the progressive capture flow


The next Service Manager update should be available in the next fortnight


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