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Removing a service from customer portal


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Please remind me how I remove a service from being displayed on the Service Portal...

I have tried but not been successful. ( Please see attached, as I only want to make the IT Support service available to our users )



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There are two ways that this can be done.

If you open the Service form for the Change Request service, within the Details section there is an option titled "Portal Visibility". Simply change this from Visible to Hidden and it will not be displayed on the portals, but it will still be available to the Support Staff to raise requests against that service from within the main client for the subscribed users.

If you would like the service to be hidden for most, but still available for a small group or an individual, you can control the visibility using the subscriptions. Just make sure that you only have the group or individual listed within the subscriptions. The default is to have everyone subscribed.

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