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Some queries regarding raising requests from emails


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I've been looking at how emails can be logged as requests and it's generated a couple of questions:

- Is it possible to change the progressive capture it uses?

- I can't select a service (or catalogue item) when I run through the default process which means the customer would not be able to see or update the call from the portal - how do I do this?



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Hi Tina,

When raising a request from an email, it uses the same progressive capture as when you click on the "Raise New" from the request list. This Progressive Capture can be set in the Service Manager applications settings with the Admin portal. The setting is app.itsm.progressiveCapture.newRequest. Keep in mind that changing the progressive capture here will change it for both raising requests from email and when selecting Raise New from the request list.

In this progressive capture used for raising requests from emails, you can include Progressive Capture forms such as the Customer Search and Services to help guide the support person to selecting a Request Catalog Item. Once this is done, the request will be available to the customer on the Service Portal.

I hope this helps.



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