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Human task if owner changes

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I have a problem

If a call is assigned to a user in the Progressive capture and then they assign the call without accepting it(Human Task) the new agent is unable to complete the human task as the call has moved owner with the task being updated.

I believe this is a permissions issue as I (as an administrator can complete a task that is not owned by myself.

Does anyone know what the permission/right is called.

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Hi Kelvin,

At the moment you must be either the owner or the assignee of a task in order to reassign it. There isn't a particular permission or right that can be applied to override this. I'll do some investigation to see if there are any plans to extend this functionality.

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Something that you can try is when setting up the Human Task in BPM, assign it to the team that manages those requests instead of assigning to an individual. As a request is passed around, provided someone else hasn't accepted the task, the task will be available for any member of that team to accept and complete. At any point if the task has already been assigned to an individual either the assignee or the owner can reassign it back to the team.

Also, when setting up the Human Task in BPM you can make sure that the owner of the task (not assignee) is set to a team lead or line manager to give them that option to reassign any of these tasks that have been assigned or accepted by an individual.

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