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Call Escalations

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Is there an easy way of putting in an alert(not sure if that is the right word) to set up a way that if the Priority gets changed then it starts a section on the BPM.

EG if a Priority 1 is logged at call logging then an additional email goes to a manager and gets added to a board. If it gets changed at a later state then nothing currently happens, it would be nice if it then emailed and got added to board.

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Hi Kelvin,

If a priority is changed automatically through the Service Level escalations, you can at the same time include notifications and adding to boards.

The manual changing of a priority doesn't currently trigger any events to allow for a notification or other action to be applied. You may have noticed that the name of the icon where the priority is manually changed is labelled "Escalate" on the tool tip when you hover over it. The reason for this is that we plan on extending this area to include more options to support the manual escalation of requests by including options for both hierarchical and functional escalations. Possibly this is what you are looking for?

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