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"Last Updated By" field in request list view


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I would like to raise a Development Request please. On the main request list, is there a change a 'Last Update By' field can be added? We have Last Updated, but it would be useful to know, at a glance, who has amended the ticket.

Attached is an example screenshot.

Any questions please come back to me.




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Hi Lee,

Thanks for your suggestion. This type of feature would required some consideration with the collaborative environment where you may have multiple people updating a request in short succession while they have a conversation in the timeline. In order for this feature to maintain its value, I feel that it would be important that this is accurately displaying the name of the last person that updated the request in the list for all the Service Manager users who may have this currently in their view.

At the moment, without either a refresh or moving from one view or filter to another, this will not be updated. Despite having this available at a glance, you may not know if it is up to date unless the list is refreshed.

Kind Regards,


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