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Group/Team filters in request list


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Would it be possible for someone to remind me how to add a new 'Group Filter' within the request list. I've added one in the past with help from Conor but I can't remember how to do this again and I can't find anything on the wiki page.



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Thank you Trevor. I've had a look a this and it shows how to create filters but not how to create Group Filters. I created one to show all calls which were not assigned to anyone but I can't remember how to do it and if I can add it for others.

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Hi Tina,

Just to confirm, when you say "Group" Filters" are you trying to create a View that shows requests by team? There is a Team selection on the button bar of the request list where you can quickly show requests by team. You can also create a view by selecting "Team" in the first condition option when creating or editing a View.

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The 'No Team Assigned' is visible with the 'Service Desk Admin' Role.

This was provided as a way to access orphaned requests that have not been assigned to a team or a Service. Provided that a request has been associated to a Service, a support person will be able to access a request that is not assigned to a team but is assigned to a Service that they support. This is done by selecting the option 'All My Services'. They can then sort on the Team column to bring the requests with no teams to the top.

Requests with no team or service where made more restrictive to help support customers that have confidential information within requests. If a confidential request was mistakenly added without a team or service, we wanted to make sure that it was not made available to everyone.

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