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Include original support request email into replies


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Hi Hornbill,

We've been getting requests from our staff to include the original request into our email responses from Hornbill.

Since our reply email templates are usually just a response from the ticket owner and with the subject heading, which isn't always descriptive.

What I would love to have as an option would be to include the original request at the bottom of our email responses and if possible include all correspondences made within the ticket itself to the customer viewable in the responses.




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Hi Ainul,

thanks for your post. It is possible to include the original description of the request using the "Description" variable in the email template. Perhaps including a line saying "The original description of your request was as follows: {{.H_description}}".

There is also a variable available that can be used to display the request summary.

In terms of including the entire timeline history, this facility has not been included in the product because it is not good practice and would very quickly result in exceptionally long emails. Hornbill is shipped with two portals that provide a place for customers to view the entire history of the request.

Hope that helps,


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