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Create a copy of a request


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I recently used the Hornbill Support email address to try and get some support but I was directed to use the forms, so here goes....

Is it possible to copy a request and the change the details about the request?


We have 5 people on 1 site ring our helpdesk and rather than have to log the same request 5 times with different information we can copy the first request and change the header or detail information.

If there is a more efficient way to do this then I would be happy to be informed of it.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you,

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Thanks for your post.

There are two available options for this scenario. One is to use the Link Request option on a request form. This can be used to either search and link existing requests, but in your case you would want to use the Raise New Linked Request. This will run a Progressive Capture script where some of the Progressive Capture forms will be populated with a copy of the information from the original request. This works well when you want to maintain individual incidents for each user. A short video on how to use the Link Requests action can be seen here:

Another option is the Connections. This is a new feature where you can add additional people to an existing request. Provided that you have the email address for these users you can then send email updates to these connections. This option works well when you don't want to create an individual requests for each person that experiences the issue but you would like to maintain some communication or updates to these impacted users. This feature is not enabled by default for incident management. You will need to go into your Request Configuration under the Service settings to enable this. A short video on how to use the Connections feature can be seen here:

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Hi Dan,

thanks for your post. I can see your inquiry relates to whether Service Manager can perform a particular function rather than indicating something is actually broken or not working as designed. This will be why you were directed here on this particular occasion.

At present, there is no specific functionality dedicated to copying a request. However, there is the capability to raise a linked request using the "Link" action located on the request action bar which will copy the Summary and description into the Progressive capture at which point you can edit the content.




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