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Searching for closed requests


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Hi Kelvin,

There are three places for searching for closed requests. One way is to use the Global Search at the top of the Hornbill page. Start by selecting Requests from the pick list. There is an advanced option that is displayed by clicking on the small arrow within the search box. From here you can select that it only returns closed requests.


If you are looking for requests that relate to each other you can use the Link action item within a request to search for other request that you wish to link. The same advanced search is available as in the Global Search.


Another way it to create a View within your request list. From your Service Manager Request list select the Views button and either add a new View or edit an existing View and include the criteria to show closed requests. Once closed requests have been added to your Request List you can use the Filter to search for a specific request. For more information about Views visit our wiki


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