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SPF/TXT Record when using DNS routing or SMTP Smarthost


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Important Notice regarding Outbound Email Configuration

When configuring outbound email to use DNS Routing or the default SMTP settings, a SPF/TXT record is required.

On all outbound email for this domain, Hornbill checks that the SPF/TXT record has the include:_spf.hornbill.com section set otherwise the mail will refuse to send.

This check is put in place to ensure Hornbill is allowed to send email as the given domain and to prevent abuse such as someone sending email pretending to be from a domain they do not own.

SPF/TXT – these are both types of DNS record and although SPF have been officially deprecated, it still may be used so we strongly advise setting this too. The main record that needs to be added is the TXT version.

Additional information on configuring your SPF/TXT record can be located on our wiki or clicking on the following link


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