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Set up request and closure categories


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Yes but I wanted to read up on the wiki first as I realised we did not cover this during the switch on - I am sure I was able to drill down to view this when I spoke to Dan last week but can't today

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Hi Mea,

Unfortunately the documentation is not yet available for configuring profiles. However, I'm happy to help.

There are two existing profiles called Closure and Request. These are installed with Service Manager. If you click on either of these you will be taken to the details of that profile. You don't need to worry about the profile details. These have been preset to work with Service Manager. On the top right there is a tab titled "Editor". If you click on this you will be able to add and manage your category tree. When adding an item to the tree, you only need to include the code and the name.

I'll look at getting the documentation updated as soon as possible. Until then, just post here for any help.

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Am I able to replicate sub categories - I want to automate the incident logging as much as possible (see example below)

  • Hardware
    • Desktop
      • Imac
      • Mac Pro


      • Dell
      • HP
      • Macbook
      • MacBook Pr
      • Netbook


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You can have the same name and code as any other entry as long as it is in a different branch.

Something to keep in mind when you are building your profile tree is that each Service defined in Service Manager can have a starting level set against it. You can read more about Request Categories in the Services section titled Request Configuration. https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Services#Request_Configuration

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  • Victor changed the title to Set up request and closure categories

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