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Assigning requests between different teams and request visibility


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What are peoples views on the way Service Manager handlers users.

We are struggling a bit with not have users assigned to default teams (like in Supportworks)

We would like everyone to be able to see all the open requests in "Request List" however when a user carries out any work or updates a request we would want this to be done in a organisation context.

An example of one issue. We have a service desk that deals with level 1 jobs (password resets etc). If one of our 3rd line engineers takes a call and it is a password reset the Business process errors as they are not assigned to the right team.

I may be missing something

Should I be thinking about this from a different direction?

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Hi Kelvin,

Thanks for your post. Without knowing a little more about your environment it may be a challenge to make suggestions for other directions that you can take. I have to say that something is not quite right if a Business Process is resulting in an error. Is this because different BPM workflows are being used for each team? Or is there a branch based on team in a single workflow that causes the issue?

The use of Services can be a great way to split out the types of requests that you use to support your users. A service can be created for the level one jobs which all of your teams can support. This way both the service desk team and the 3rd line team can raise requests for that service and they will follow a set BPM workflow that has been set for those types of requests. The engineers may be set up with other more technical services that also have their own workflows to reflect the services that they support.

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