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Hi Martyn,

I'm afraid that there isn't an option for bulk loading Services. I would be interested to know a little about the types of Services that you plan to create. There are a number new features on their way that may help in reducing the number of services that you would need to create. One of these features is a request catalog per service. What we are trying to do is provide some flexibility within a Service so that you don't have to create a new service for every small variation of something you want to offer. Looking at HR as an example, on an internal service catalog we would typically see a service created for Joiners, and another for Leavers, and a third for Moves. Soon you will be able to create a single 'HR Service' and build in three requests into its request catalog for joiners, leavers, and moves, each request running its own progressive capture and its own workflow.

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In short we have a number of software products which are licensed on a module basis, a bit like Hornbill Platform, but with a larger number of Modules (aka Apps). We want to subscribe the users to services at the Module level, so though we could group the services in the product (aka platform) we would still need to subscribe users to individual services, so it would depend at what level you subscribe users to.

More than happy to discuss in more detial but might be easier to do so on the phone.



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@Victor & @James Ainsworth

We are not long off on-boarding a new external customer (Organisation with a bunch of Contacts).  Along with this new customer we will have to create a bunch (in excess of 25 services).

I'm unable to see a bulk-import tool on Github to create said Services, but I remember us being given a comprehensive spreadsheet by Yodit to fill out which was used to import all our previous Services that our previous External customers had when we went through switch-on.  It had columns for most of the settings. (see attached)  You guys must have something that you use or can release to do this bulk import.

Sample Additional Service Information_ForYodit_v1.xlsx

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8 minutes ago, Victor said:

Use? Yes. Release? No. Not yet anyway.

So if you need thuis bulk import done I would suggest raising a request in this regard: https://success.hornbill.com/hornbill

Do you think this would be chargeable @Victor?  I'm hoping as an activity that would not be done very often, the answer might be "no".

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Umm...not actively worked upon, no... your only realistic chances (so to speak) to have anything close to a Github release is ...well.. me :D .. It means everyone else is tied up with other developments... and my workload is not entirely light either... I think ultimately, it depends on demand ...

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