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How to allow Dashboard access to specific reports ?


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Can you please let me know the amendments in Security Settings / Roles we need to add to give access to the Support agents to view their reports in Dashboard.

Please note each reports have now been amended so they should only have access to view (not to Edit) their own report.

Kind regards

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Hi Stephanie

First any Co Worker that needs access to view a dashboard should be added to the Dashboard Viewer role.


Then you need to give access from each dashboard


You can switch between user and role to either share with each user individually or to a role



To Give access to view reports to a user the role they are in needs to be given the following System rights


At the moment there is no way to restrict which Reports a User can run once they have View Reports.

Apologies if this was not what you were asking, your uploaded images are not showing.

Kind Regards

Trevor Killick

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Thank you Trevor, just to check... we have no choice but to also give the Admin Role for our Analyst to view the reports. Is this correct?

Also the above was tried yesterday unfortunately agents seems to have access to all the reports in the Dashboard hence my initial question "only have access to view (not to Edit) their own report".

If so, what is the point of going into each report and amend the Dashboard PROPERTIES to grant access to specific Users?

Apology if I am missing something there.

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Hi Stephanie

Currently there is a small issue with how the list of Dashboards are loaded in that you can see all of them and not just the ones you can access to.

I just went through the following locally on my instance, i took my test user AlanC and assigned him to the Dashboard Viewer Role


When AlanC logs in he can see all Active Dashboards


Currently only Service Desk Trends - Incidents is shared with AllanC if the user trys to view a dashboard they do not have access to they get an error


However if AlanC opens the one dashboard shared with him then it displays as expected.


Kind Regards

Trevor Killick

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