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Cached "Read-only" option?

Steve Giller

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Obviously there are dangers to accessing the mobile app in an offline mode, but would it be possible to cache a call or group of calls for use in a signal-free area?

Currently our estates team log in first thing, print off reams of paper, stuff the sheets in their voluminous pockets and head out to do their work. The justification for this is that some of their jobs are in areas with no connection - wired, wireless, mobile or otherwise - which is an excuse we'd like to take away from them, along with the "laptops are too cumbersome" argument.

As they all have mobiles, and are reasonably excited that the upgrade would bring a mobile app we are halfway there - if they could, for example, open a call for Top Farm in the app knowing this is an area without any connectivity, click a button to save it, and open and check the details once they got there we'd be justified in pushing a policy of not printing job sheets, amongst other things.

Is this something that could be implemented?

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Its certainly something that could be implemented but its not on the current development schedule. There are complexities for locally caching requests because of our app-in-app architecture we use on the mobile. Its something that would need to be discussed internally to figure out how it could be done - its not straightforward though..

Looking forward to seeing you guys on service manager :)


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Hi Gerry,

I'm looking forward to it, just waiting for someone with actual power to "push the button" for the 30-day migration ... half exciting, half frustrating!

Just to clarify - for our purposes we're not looking for any kind of functionality above being able to read the call details/diary as it was at the last "save" point; it's literally a digital alternative to physically printing a job sheet off.

If you want me I'll be in the corner twiddling my thumbs and mumbling "get on with it ..." over and over.

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