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Decision Node - number of branches - limit

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Not sure if it is something I doing wrong in the process editor, but the Decision Node, seem to be limited to three output connections, i.e. four connectors on each point of the diamond, one is for your incoming process (at least), leaving only three options for the expression, but in reality you will normally always use one of these for 'No Match', so in essence you can only have two conditional paths from one decision node.

Is the four connections the current limit and if so is there any plans to increase this?



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Hi Martyn

This was mentioned internally a while back the limit is there for ascetics if we allowed more connections then the auto placement of connection lines could/would cause issues due to this there are no plan to increase the limit and we advise the chaining of Decision Nodes.


Kind Regard

Trevor Killick

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I know I am a bit late to the conversation but I would point out that Chaining decision nodes is not a work around :) we very intentionally designed it that way to force process designers to draw clear process diagrams that non-technical people can read. In classic flow diagrams its good practice to only have one line per corner of the decision node. Our implementation is smart enough to recognise when a decision node is chained to another decision node and does a good job at only giving the option to select the unused choices from the proceeding outcome. In the rare cases where it makes sense to have more than three outcomes the decision nodes are chained and should lend very well to making the process visually easy to understand.


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