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Auto Assignment to Logging Agent


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First post so go easy :)

I maybe missing a trick but I am trying to set up an auto assignment whereby the request is assigned to the Request Creator no matter which team they are in.

I can do this if I specify the team as 1st Line however we often have other teams generating tickets.

If I use as screenshot shows, it will not assign to anyone.


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Thinking about this a bit more, and reading you post again, if you insert an Automated Task - Get Request Information - Get Request Details, as the preceding node Assign to Call Taker, can you then use the Variable option and select the assignedTeam parameter? Though it will depend if this has any defaulted value in from the session.

I think the issue will be determining the context and therefore the team of the current analyst.



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Hi Kelvin and Martyn,

Currently there is no concept of an analyst having a 'default team' in service manager (as they may be part of more than one team). To that extent the business process engine does not know which team the request should be assigned to as it's not possible to assign a request to an owner with no team.

If you change the 'Team' input variable to manual (M) you will be able to search for and select a team. Of course, if the analyst who raises the request is not a member of the team specified then the request will just be assigned to the team. If they are a member of the team specified then the request will be assigned to them (in that team).




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Thanks for all the advice guys.

That's a shame as our application support team raise there own requests and don't always want the calls to go through our service desk. I think I may need to set up an alternative service for these requests.

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