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Auto Completion option for Progressive Capture Nodes

Martyn Houghton

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In order to branch in self service progressive capture based on the Service, Organisation etc, you have to insert the appropriate 'Service Details', 'Organisation Details' nodes preceding it which will already have value determined by the context of the users session on the portal, but still have to clicked through even though the end user has already selected the service/logged into the portal.

Would it be possible to have a configuration setting for these nodes to 'Auto Complete' when they are already populated, or have a similar concept to the Get Request node in BPM which could be used to attain session values for the Service, Organisation, Customer, Contact etc?



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This would be something I am also interested in, we may expand using the service catalogue for specific job types and the work flow I attach to them would ideally have pre polulated items such as servce, priority and such forth. I know there is the beta version of the quick jobs but this would ideally more robust.

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