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Different SLA's for Different Services

Martyn Houghton

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We currently have a significant number of (approx. 20) different SLA's/Priority's, which have come about from us acquiring different organisations and us absorbing support service for different products and types of services.

At the moment there does not appear to be any relationship between the SLA/Priority and the Service, in that all priorities specified in the Progressive Capture 'Request Priority' and similar BPM node.

Ideally we would want to allocate priorities which are applicable to a service at the request type level, i.e. you may have a service which has both Incident and Service Request types enabled, but you may want to have four priorities for incidents (Critical, High, Medium, Low) but only three for Service Requests (High, Medium, Low).

As work around if the Request Priority progressive capture and BPM nodes could be changed to allow the priority list be filtered, this would mean you could achieve a specific list of priorities for the service.

Can both these options be raised as potential Request for Change?



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Hi Martyn,

We have some exciting new functionality with Service Levels which is currently being developed and is not too far away from being available. This will include the ability to define 'Corporate Services Levels' that can be shared between different services as well as 'Service Specific' Service Levels.

We are also looking at a providing a way to create rules to allocate a Service Level to a request by using criteria such as if the priority is X and the the site is Y use Service Level Z. We may even see criteria such as date ranges in the future.

There are some planned changes for filtering the priorities that we will take under consideration after we have completed the work around Service Levels. I think that you will find that number of priorities won't be such an issue once the new Service Levels are available.

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For the initial development we are looking at weeks rather than months to start seeing some of the work completed. Service Levels and the associated timers are a very complex areas so we also need to keep in mind that following the development there will be a lot of testing required before it is available in a live environment.

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Hi Martyn,

I just wanted to follow up on this forum post.  The new Service Level Agreements are now available.  An application setting is required to be enabled in order to see this.  The setting is:

view guest.app.view.ITSM.serviceDesk.enableSLM

In the coming weeks this setting will be removed and it will be available for general use.



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