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Email Templates - Added child to Request Entity - Questions

Martyn Houghton

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At the moment with Email Templates you can use the Request Entity to insert variable into the template. However the entity does not include the child table Request Questions, so you are not able to use any of the custom form values entered in the Progressive Capture.

Can a Request for Change be logged to add the Request Questions child table be added to the Request Entity. I also suspect the same relationship will be required for Reporting as well.



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Hi Martyn

This has been brought up internally a number of times and the issue is Mail Template variables only support One to One relationships and Questions are One to Many so how would you map a question to a template variable?

I will bring this up with out platform team again and let you know.

Kind Regards

Trevor Killick

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Thanks for the quick reply. I think this does highlight an issue around the naming/referencing of customised Questions and their corresponding responses. When you use the Get Question BPM Task it only gives a list of Answer1, Answer2 etc rather than using the field labels specified in progressive capture process.

I was presuming that at least the same functionality of inserting Answer1, Answer2 etc would be available.



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There are two problems with this...

* Trying to do this dynamically against entity relationships presents a problem inasmuch as a one2many relationship could easily involve a large number of records, some of our bigger entities can have 10 or more relationships so things can get very big very quickly.

* The syntax/markup in the template becomes unwieldy and difficult for people to use.

In the case of PG questions, it might be better to have some way to consolidate the questions into a single field for the purpose of including in a mail template. I believe @Trevor has already raised this internally for discussion.


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