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Custom forms for a starters/leavers process


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Hi all,

I would welcome peoples thoughts on the following process we are looking to migrate into Service Manager.

We have a very basic starter/leaver process where an excel template is completed, with all the information for the starter. This will include software and hardware requirements. This email is then sent to IT to complete.

I would like to create a custom form, whereby a request is raised, and then the information is added into a custom form through a series of mandatory fields. IT will then use this to setup the user and track progress.

I am hoping that by doing this, I can report on what has been requested and when it was completed.

Welcome thoughts/comments.


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Hi Lee,

thanks for your post.

As well as the standard Progressive Capture forms, there is also the ability to create a "Customised Form" to use within your progressive Capture flow. The following wiki page (specifically the "Customised Form" section) should contain the information you need to start configuring one in your flow: https://wiki.hornbil...apture_Workflow

In terms of reporting on the information captured using this type of form, it resides in the table called h_itsm_questions. If you are looking to present this alongside information contained in the main request table (h_itsm_requests), I would recommend using the Advanced Reporting feature and report using the SQL Schema Designer to perform a join as shown in the image.

Hope that helps,



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