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Outgoing Email Display Name RFC

Martyn Houghton

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At the moment in Service Manager, when sending email from Service Manger the Display Name is taken from the 'Display Name' in the Shared Mailbox settings and is not configurable on a per user basis or at the time of creating the email.

In Supportworks we utilise the Default Mail Orign in the 'Client Options and Setting' to determine the Display Name shown on the email when it is sent.

For our 1st Tier team, this setting is set to use the Shared Mailbox Display Name, in our case Idox Service Desk. i.e. Idox Service Desk <servicedesk@idoxgroup.com>

For our 2nd Tier team, this setting is set to use the user 'Local' account, which results in the Email being sent with the Display Name of the analyst. i.e. Martyn Houghton <servicedesk@idoxgroup.com>

All of the emails still come from out shared mailbox address, servicedesk@idoxgroup.com, but the Display Name is different. We introduced this following feedback from our external customers when we first went live with Supportworks, as they thought that all the emails being sent out under a single generic Display Name was rather impersonal and did not allow them to locate emails from specific analyst when we contacted them over the phone to follow up the email.

Can I requested the logging of a potential changes

To allow the configuration of the Default Mail origin Display Name to be configured on a per user basis to either user the Shared Mailbox Display Name or use the Analyst Name.

The ability to set/override this Display Name when generating and email via Service Manager.

The ability to set this Display Name when generating an email from BPM.



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