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Putting tickets On Hold / Third Party / Waiting For Reply


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Hi all,

We are new to using the Service Manager, but so far going well :-)

A colleague of mine has asked if a ticket status can be changed to either ON HOLD, THIRD PARTY or AWAITING FEEDBACK?

I see that changing values will alter the status from OPEN to RESOLVED or CLOSED, but I cannot see whether there is an option to customise this.

Also keen to hear how other people manage tickets like this in their companies?

I look forward to hearing from you.


Lee Paine

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Hi Lee,

thanks for your post.

Hornbill Service Manager does support the facility to place Requests "ON HOLD". When to put a ticket on hold can be up for debate depending on how you want your desk to operate, but a typical scenario may be that the Service desk has performed all the actions they can with the information available to them, and now they need more information from the customer. So the analyst will send a communication to the customer asking for whatever additional information is needed, and then they would place the request on hold until they receive a response back. At which point they would then take the request off hold and continue working on it.

When a request is ON HOLD, any associated response or fix timers (that you have configured in your workflow) will be paused.

When viewing a request there is a pause button located as shown in the attached image. Click this to change the status of a Request to ON HOLD. You will have the opportunity to enter a reason why the request is being placed on hold.

To change the status back to OPEN, click the play icon that becomes visible when a request has a status of ON HOLD.

In terms of other statuses, such as "With Third Party", there is a development story in existence to provide these (CH00125458 - User definable statuses). However, at present I couldn't indicate when we may see this feature.

I hope that helps.



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Hi Gerry\Dan,

On-hold functionality is a bit of an issue for us in Service Manager.

In Supportworks , we can put a call on hold , associate an email template with it , that will pick up on-hold timers and even can schedule automatic reminder emails .

We try to make it as easy as possible for our Analysts, put a call on hold , pic a reason from a list , inform the customer using email template.

Is there a plan for service manager, will we see similar functionality in the near future?

Building on that we would like a functionality that will take the call off-hold when the customer replies via email or the self-service portal.

Is there anything for that in the pipeline?

I like the idea of using boards, but cannot see how I can get the call added automatically when I press the on-hold icon .

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated


Ralf Peters

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Hi, We do a similar thing here. In supportworks we currently put a call on hold sending out an email saying they can have access (from a selection of email templates) then put the call on hold. We may need to send a chasing email (again from a template) and put the call back on hold.

In Service Manager I've created a separate Business Process which once the call is logged I have a manual task to open the account - once the task is done it will automatically send out a standard email (set in the business process node) then we manually put the call on hold. I've left the 'Email' template generic so if we need to chase them we would have to manually type it rather than selecting a template as we do at the moment. We go live soon so we'll see if this works.

I do think the ability to take the call off hold with an email or portal update would be good and useful for us too.



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Thanks Ralf and Tina for your posts.

We are currently in the middle of developing new Service Level Target functionality for Service Manager and you will start to see this being introduced in the coming releases. This will initially be around the creation of both Global and Service Specific Service Level Targets, with a rules builder which will allow you to define per Service the conditions against which different Service Level targets should apply (including Priority, Catalog Item, Customer, Organisation etc).

Following on from this we will be introducing functionality which will allow you to define your own sub statuses, and against those sub statuses define the likes of the following:

* If the Status should Pause the Service Level Timer

* If the Timer should come off hold when the request is updated

* Notifications including customer emails

Due to our Continuous Deployment approach, once these new features (and others) are ready, they will be made available to you and you will not need to do anything to take advantage of them.

I hope this helps give you some visibility of our developments in this area.



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Hi @Keith

Sorry for the time this particular feature has taken to materialise, it was a bit more involved than was first thought, so took longer to complete.  I am happy to report that this has been developed and is in the final stages of testing before we are able to include this in a Service Manager update. All being well with testing you should see this in one of our next couple of Service Manager updates..... watch out for the release notes 

You are right this is on the 90 day list, and is sat on our visible queue of features which are work in progress

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 18.29.47.png


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