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Setting up Shared Mailbox - missing webapp.ui.emailclient.enabled

Martyn Houghton

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I am attempting to setup a shared mailbox following the instructions in the wiki https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Set_up_email but a getting stuck at step one finding the setting "webapp.ui.emailclient.enabled" in the application settings section.

  1. Enable the email client - Go to Hornbill Administration, and then to your list of Installed Applications. Click on Service Manager and then view the Settings Tab. In the filter type webapp.ui.emailclient.enabled, set the parameter to true.

I am wondering if the name of the setting has been changes as there are now webapp.ui elements visible?

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Hi Martyn,

thanks for you post. It appears that the wiki article you mention is a little outdated. The webapp.ui application strings were removed as part of our Avant Garde project which introduced a much improved look and feel to Hornbill Collaboration and Service Manager back in Feb this year.

The enabling of this particular application string is no longer required to view the shared mailbox. This is governed by the association of the mailbox role to a User's account. Once you have created a role, and associated it to the required users, it will be necessary for them to log out and then log in again to allow the new role to take effect.

I will also update the wiki page.



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