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Make analysts more contactable internally with contact options in Info Box


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If I want to contact the current Owner of a Request, I can see their name but have to go elsewhere for their contact details. For BaU issues, I can use the Updates and mentions, of course, but for urgent cases, calling their number or sending them a direct Teams message are our preferred routes.  I still need to find that information elsewhere. Hornbill could help.

I would like see some options for accessing the analysts contact details added to the Information Box. Options include:

  1. A link to their profile that opens in a new window
  2. A tooltip that pops-up relevant contact details from the profile like phone number or perhaps a custom field with details in
  3. Use of the spare space (indicated) to show their contact details; there's lots of space there
  4. Consideration in the above that teams increasingly use third party collaboration platforms like Teams/Slack/Jira so capability to have an active hyperlink to such a channel. E.g. I would want to click the owner and ping them directly in Teams

There should be an option configurable somewhere I guess to have this on or off since some teams validly would not want to be contacted through other means.



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