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Analytics and Insights date periods


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I am using the advanced analytics and producing some widgets, however the variables to use are different than in the reporting.


My widget shows last week but I am using h_datelogged > (now() - interval 1 WEEK) which gives me a rolling week and want it to display the last week but with the week end day as Sunday. In supportworks this would be DATE:endoflastweeksun

Can someone help with what the available time periods are? This does not help - https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php?title=SQL_Reference:_Date_Time_Functions

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17 minutes ago, katy_palmer said:

this will do the same as DATE:endoflastweeksun - correct?

I have no idea what this "DATE:endoflastweeksun" does. My above filter will return all requests that have been raised in the previous Mon - Sun week from the date the report is run. So if it was run a query today, using the filter, it will bring back requests raised between 01/07/2024 and 07/07/2024.

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