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Custom Powershell Input and output parameters - how to pass to script

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Hi All,

Hopefully a really simple answer (I had a look through the forum\docs and couldn't see an answer), I'm trying to do a proof of concept with the powershell custom script where I am passing a variable, see the attached screen shot.

I've set up a script which runs however no parameters are passed, for example my script starts with the below as your would setup if you passing an argument into a ps1 script:

# Parameters

param (
Write-host "sam name below.."
Write-host "Sam Name - $SAMname"
Write-host $SAMname

As you can see in the attached I have a variable entered but nothing is passed. 

If I don't specify param then I get similar behaviour.

Is there something I am missing?


Hornbill-input variables.png

2024-07-01 11_28_46-Job Queue _ Job 21 _ Access Opener v5.png

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Hi @Daniel_idx,

The operation input params are not automatically sent, as they may not match what's in the script. You need to add them to the options / args section of your operations too:


Then you'll be able to access the params in your script:



Hope this helps,


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Hi Both,

Thanks for the quick responses - For inputs - Steve's answer was what I was missing and made the script work perfectly!

I've not played around with it yet but for the output say I wanted to output $ServerList for example would I need to add something like this?

Write-host {{SISJobOutputParameterStart:ServerList}}"SeverA,ServerB"{{SISJobOutputParameterEnd}}

And add the below?


Screenshot 2024-07-01 153004.png

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