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We are trying to use an API where it picks up a specific Hornbill request, does xyz outside of Hornbill and then sends an email to the customer informing them of something.


Does anyone know or can help understand how to send an email to a customer via an API. We have added text to the resolution box and resolved a request but this is sending a specific email, not resolving a request.


Any guidance is appreciated

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Mail APIs are not Customer facing, so I don't think this is achievable using Hornbill APIs

Customer facing APIs are documented on the website.

If the actions are being taken outside of Hornbill there is no reason why you couldn't use an existing Mail Provider to send the email, if you need to send from the Hornbill platform is there any reason the actions could not be done as part of a Workflow?

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@AmyW my suggestion would be to use auto tasks for this; do whatever processing you need outside Hornbill, and then call an auto task, passing in the request ID and any custom parameters you want.

In our experience, this keeps the amount of processing required outside of Hornbill to the absolute minimum necessary.

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