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Suggestion: allow asset entry to trigger user account choice

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searched forums and not seen a mention...

the Assets section in Service Management is an invaluable tool for us when clarifying information on Laptops; last time logged in, serial number for warranty queries, the basic make/model etc, but a crucial one for us is who last logged in.

So, is there a way for reversing this so that when logging a ticket against a worker, if they give their Asset Tag it will populate a choice of their account to log the ticket against them instead of just their name?

I know of the "tel:" prefix that searches accounts with varying success, but is it possible for an Asset name to trigger choices?

Service Manager tab shows related assets as though there's possible functionality to leverage; or is it a simple hostname based prefix I don't know? (I've tried a few without success)

Apologies if this post needs moving to another forum.

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The main difference between the above examples is that the telephone number is held in the User record, and this is available to the Customer form so searching a user based on that is relatively straightforward.

The relationship to an asset may be Owned by or Used by, and Used by can be shared, so there is not a simple 1-1 relationship to resolve, and the information is not available to the Customer Form to begin with, so this is not something that is currently available.

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thanks @Steve Giller, so even though in a worker's record that has an item called "Service Manager" that within has a "My Assets" tab showing the devices they've logged in to, you can't reverse this association for interrogating at the "new service request" stage to pull their details in to log a call against them?

not a massive service improvement but your feedback would be interesting. cheers.

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11 minutes ago, Dave Read said:

has a "My Assets" tab showing the devices they've logged in to

This is not correct - this shows assets that have been assigned to that User, either manually through the UI or via an import.

Different areas of the product have different purposes. I would not go so far as to say it cannot be done, but whether the benefits would outweigh the impact (e.g. the speed of loading the form) is another matter.


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