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June updates: Hornbill reporting unwrapped, Academy Feedback, and get on track for automation


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We hope you're having a productive and fulfilling week.


Read on for highlights from the past month, and a look ahead to our upcoming program focused on automation—designed to empower you to streamline your processes and enhance productivity.


May wrap-up


Getting started with Hornbill and AI 🤖

Our Getting started with Hornbill and AI course has proven to be a hit, with the highest number of course completions in May, highlighting the current interest in AI tools in Service Management.


Remember, even if you’re not in our HAi Beta Program, you can take the course to learn about our current AI offerings and what’s coming.


Course ratings and feedback!

We’re rolling out the ability for you to rate courses in the academy, and tell us what you think of them. You’ll start to see this at the end of courses (and all new courses will require this before being marked as complete):

It’s your chance to tell us, in the moment, your thoughts on the course, with a quick sentence and star rating. Don’t worry, there are no long surveys to answer! We value your feedback and strive to make content better for you. As always, you can email us with suggestions.


Academy Live: Hornbill Reporting: Empower your insights – Part 2 📈


Our most recent Academy Live sessions were the second in our series on reporting (more to follow in the future). Participants deep-dived into the SQL schema designer, learning things such as how and when to join tables to create customized reports for specific use cases.


The session received a rating of 4.7 stars out of 5 ⭐. All survey respondents said that they now have a clear understanding of the concepts. 94% of participants said that they have more confidence in using the SQL schema designer to create reports. Participants commented, “Love how interactive the sessions are. The demo instance feels just like the real thing!”, and “I loved the labs and the ability to put into practice what I'd been told. I learn by hands on so this was great for me.”


Missed out? Both sessions are available on-demand in the academy 🎥.:

Academy Live: Hornbill Reporting: Empower your insights – Part 1

Academy Live: Hornbill Reporting: Empower your insights – Part 2


Looking ahead


Boost your service desk efficiency with automation

Our suite of automation tools sets Hornbill apart from our competitors and delivers significant savings to your organisation.


If your day-to-day workloads are overwhelming, automation can reduce the strain and give you the breathing space you need to shift from a reactive to a proactive mode. And with Hornbill, it’s easier than you think. Over the next few months, we’ll publish a series of courses (on-demand and live) about using automation in Hornbill to improve processes, save time, and cut costs. In next month’s Academy Live session, we’re going back to basics with automation - so get onboard for the journey.


Upcoming Academy Live sessions


Our next sessions introduce Hornbill’s Workflow tool (previously known as the BPM). In Workflow essentials for automating your business processes, you’ll learn the basics of building and configuring workflows, how workflows combine with other aspects of Hornbill, and how to begin automating tasks and processes.


So, if you’re a workflow novice, or if you’ve been too afraid to look under the hood and get started with workflows, then this is for you - register now.


If you’re unable to attend any Academy Live sessions, please do unregister or drop us a message at the earliest opportunity so we can reallocate the seats. We’ll soon be adopting waiting list functionality to automatically manage this in the future.



Happy learning!


Hornbill Academy team



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Hi @Joel,

I signed up for "Workflow essentials for automating your business processes" session tomorrow - it said waiting for approval - now says no seats avaialble, does this mean I can't sign up for courses?


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