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Hiya, is there anyway the report function in Contracts can be adjusted so that it produces a report for all the supplier contracts - not just the ones expiring in the next <180 days please?  This would be helpful when stakeholders as for a contract register for longer term planning...

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Could you give some detail on what you're trying to achieve here, please?

As far as I can see, the view of Contracts can be filtered to show those expiring in "over 180 days" - without more information it's not clear what additional value changing the report option will bring.

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@Steve Giller Yas is our Commercial Manager. The detail of this is below. Can you tag as enhancement please and update header to "Contracts Expiry Report to include Expiry over 180 days"?

Click the Contracts Expiry report: image.png.59ea3e625d1ae687ef0cb64219a61388.png

The list shows only shows contracts <180 days until expiry; both in the UI version and the pdf version:


No header for "Contracts Expiring Over 180 days" which in most cases means the report doesn't show most contracts...

I can understand someone saying in design, "oh, you only need to worry about those expiring in the next 180 days so we'll exclude all the rest" but in reality an expiry report from a commercial perspective must report on the expiry of all contracts as they all have an expiry, of course.

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