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Identifying a team to assign to in a Linked Request

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I am capturing a team in a human task capture task field using a group picker as below. 


What I then want to do is auto-raise a new linked request to that team, and have therefore configured the linked request node as follows, pulling in the variable of the answer to the capture task field but it's not assigning the LR to this team.  


 Can this not be achieved in this way?  If not, how can I capture the team selected so that the LR assigns to them?



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My post will not be of any help... but I've had issues with using Human Tasks and Team Assignments based on the selected team provide in the past, and as it's been a while so I can't remember what I discovered, I think the Human Task will only ever store the Display Name of the Team, and not the raw value (Team ID) when selected.

The way I had to get around this, and using your screenshot as an example, is in the Workflow for the Escalated Incident Catalog, is you put the team assignment in there, so when the ticket is logged, it's own Workflow will assign to the relevant team.

But it appears you want users to be able to select any team, which is something that we would find useful, if it's possible. I haven't looked at this for a while so not sure if anything has changed though, so will follow with interest incase someone from Hornbill can provide advice.

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