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Scheduled Requests - groupGetUserList error?

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We are looking to implement the use of scheduled Requests (Finally!) 


And one of my team is getting the following issue when attempting to congure them..


Here is a screenshot of his permissions in Hornbill:



He can create a Scheduled Request, however it doesnt save the schedule setup and cant assign to a specific user.


Any Help would be greatly appreciated!



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I have added him to the "Admin Role":


Which has fixed the issue, but he can not have access to the full platform Admin long term.

On the docs page for Scheduled requests it states:
https://docs.hornbill.com/servicemanager-config/administration/scheduled-requests#:~:text=The Scheduled Requests feature enables,a weekly or monthly basis.

Before You Begin

  • A user requires either the Service Desk Admin or the Hornbill Admin role.


Thanks in advance!

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