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Hi we have an autotask for analysts to raise a Beyond Trust (Bomgar) Support session (for remote access to a device) linked to a custom button in incidents.

In the autotask workflow we use a 'Get request information' node with Task option set to 'owner details', and an expression to check whether the Bomgar ID is set.

We have added the Beyond Trust ID to Custom Fields> Attribute 3 of the Analyst's details - under platform configuration>users.

The expression looks up Hornbill Automations->Get Owner Information->Customer Custom 3 - &[global["flowcoderefs"]["getOwnerInformation"]["custom3"]]

When looking at the help on the Get request information node I notice that the explanation of the fields shows the above as returning the 'The third custom field that has been added to the analyst forms.'

Does anyone know what 'analyst forms' are?

Is this the same as the Custom Field Attribute 3 in the user details?

Some of the other nodes seem to reference Attributes rather than custom fields, so just trying to establish if the expression is picking up the correct field?



Custom expression:



Help information:




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